Match information: Morocco vs Portugal in quarter-finals

Al-Thumama stadium will host an important and exciting match between the Moroccan national team and its counterpart, Portugal, on Saturday evening, December 10, 2022, as part of the 2022 World Cup quarter-finals

The Moroccan national team managed to eliminate one of the candidates for the title this year, which is Spain. After qualifying for the quarter-finals after a penalty shootout. After this match ended in a goalless draw, as well as in extra time, after he outperformed his opponent with three penalty kicks to none

While the Portugal national team succeeded in overcoming the obstacle of the Swiss national team in the first elimination round, after scoring half a dozen goals against its opponent, which made it decide the qualification card from this match to the quarter-finals in the competition, thus becoming the last to officially qualify for this role. He sets a date with the Moroccan national team, which qualified a few hours before him

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